Thursday, April 14, 2005

DC Solicitations for July 2005

Various thoughts on Previews:

ALL STAR BATMAN AND ROBIN, THE BOY WONDER #1 - Everyone else'll be buying it, so I might as well.

ABSOLUTE BATMAN: HUSH OVERSIZED HC - I have no interest in this, but it gives me hope that we'll eventually see a New Frontier Absolute Edition.

GOTHAM CENTRAL #32 - I'm gonna miss Brubaker.

SUPERMAN books - Only three months in, and already a big crossover. It seems that the old Brainiac is back, though. I never really warmed to B13.

LEX LUTHOR: MAN OF STEEL #5 - DC better not dawdle in putting out a tpb of this. I want it now.

JLA CLASSIFIED #10 - Maybe I'll change my mind later, but right now I think I'll be leaving when Giffen's arc is through.

JSA CLASSIFIED #1 - It annoys me that a drawn-out JSA subplot is getting resolved in another series. On the plus side, this series is less expensive than the JLA one.

KINETIC TP - Eight issues of material for $10. I'm there.


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