Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Pull List Thoughts

Here's my comic pull list as it stands now. As for the status of the books on it:

Akiko - Hasn't had a new issue in a year.
Astro City - "The Dark Age" starts in a few months.
The Ballad of Sleeping Beauty - Just shipped its final issue.
Captain America and the Falcon - One more issue and it's over.
Ex Machina
The Flash
Gotham Central - I wonder if Brubaker leaving will harm sales.
JLA - Dropping this after Busiek's arc.
JLA: Classified - Will reevaluate after Giffen's arc.
Planetary - Ships occasionally.
Plastic Man - Who knows how long this'll last.
Serenity - Three issues, starting in July.
Supernatural Law - Hasn't had a new issue in nine months.
Ultimate Spider-Man

So although there are 15 titles on the list, one has already ended, one ends later this month, and one I plan to drop after next month. One may be dropped after June. Three have unpredictable shipping schedules. And two may be cancelled by this time next year.

This means I should probably consider some new titles to try out.


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