Saturday, February 19, 2005

Suspension of Disbelief

I and several other posters from CBR have banded together and founded a group blog, Suspension of Disbelief. As I explain in the first post, the idea is to take a page from Bob Ingersoll's "The Law Is A Ass" column, or Scott's medical reviews at Polite Dissent, and examine the various real-world aspects that arise in comic books.

So far we have an excellent analysis of the archery incompetence on display in Teen Titans Go! by Jim MacQuarrie, and a bits from yours truly on the law and a common journalism mistake. I'm particularly looking forward to ripping apart the trial of Kobra from JSA, and Robert Kirkman's ignorance of Georgia in the otherwise excellent Walking Dead.

We have on board a handful of lawyers, a psychologist, a journalist, and a bunch of other specialities that should provide some well-rounded expertise. So check it out; maybe you'll learn something.


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