Friday, February 04, 2005

Here's what we're up against

From today's Vent in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Social Security isn't welfare. It is money my hard-working parents invested for their future, and now King George wants to mess with it -- and mess with their future.

The use of "invested" shows that the author doesn't appreciate how Social Security works. The use of "mess with their future" shows that s/he doesn't understand the reforms being proposed. This isn't a pundit, just a regular joe. And that means this is the mentality that has to be addressed if we expect to achieve any progress for my generation.

Another Venter had this to say:

If Social Security is in such a bad way, why didn't George do something before his second term? Because, if he had, he wouldn't have gotten a second term.

I was fairly disappointed in Bush's first term. I didn't vote for him in the election (I didn't vote for Kerry either). But if Bush can accomplish some reform of Social Security in the next four years, it will go a long way towards improving my opinion of his term in office.


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