Saturday, November 20, 2004

Comics in February

I had another post typed up, and then Blogger lost it when I tried to publish. So rather than retype it now, I'll just do the comic book thing, and take a look at the new Previews.

The Ballad of Sleeping Beauty #7
Captain America & the Falcon #12

Priest just announced that Dan Jurgens takes over the pencilling duties with #13. Works for me.

Ex Machina #8
Flash #219

Still not "Rogue War." Worse yet, it's a crossover with a title I don't read.

Gotham Central #28
JLA #111
JLA Classified #4

The last one's iffy. I enjoyed FKATJL, but given the speed that that story was collected, I'm tempted to hold off on this $3/issue arc.

JSA #70
Ultimate Spider-Man #72

Hmm. Suddenly I notice that not only is there no issue of "The Pulse" in February, but nor is there an issue of "Plastic Man." I know the former series was supposed to go bimonthly, but I hope this isn't a bad omen for the latter.


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