Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Bypassing National Security for only $1.99

A short play, adapted from Monday's 24 episode:

CAMPER: “There are headlights coming right toward me.”

JACK: “That’s because there’s a tracker in the briefcase. It’s hidden, and designed not to be found.”

CAMPER: “So what am I supposed to do?”

JACK: “Do you have a compass?”

CAMPER: “Yeah.”

JACK: “Run it over the briefcase and you’ll find the tracker.”

CAMPER: “I thought you said it was designed not to be found?”

JACK: “Do you want to live or not?”

CAMPER: “OK, I found it. But how am I supposed to deactiviate this high-tech tracker?”

JACK: “Do you have a pointy rock?”


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