Sunday, March 14, 2004

I'm Back

To fill you in on my last few weeks:

- I'm in the last hours of my last spring break. Depressing in a way, it is, especially since I didn't do anything particularly special during the week.

- Due to lack of a razor for a week, I now have a mustache and goatee. Haven't decided whether to keep them or not.

- I was diagnosed with a pinched sciatica, and my tongue is finally healing from my having chomped on it last week. It'll be nice when it doesn't hurt to sit or eat again.

- I took part in a 9-hour MST3K fest. We watched "The Sidehackers," "Pod People," "Manos," and "Mitchell," although I fell asleep during the last one. "Pod People" was definitely my favorite.

- I finished cataloguing all the comic books I own, including all the ones I wish I didn't own. Hopefully I can dispose of some of these come summer.

- I took the MPRE yesterday morning. And with that experience, I can safely say that the Bar will be a nightmare.

- I won "Most Enthusiastic" (2nd place, sorta) at the Law School Talent Show for performing the Animaniacs' "Countries of the World" and a parody song I wrote about our retiring torts professor. The crowd really seemed to enjoy both numbers.

Now to make the remainder of my last semester memorable. But my two research papers will inevitably take precedence.


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