Wednesday, February 18, 2004

DC Comics in May

Courtesy of the Comics Continuum, the titles that pique my interest:

DETECTIVE COMICS #794 - Gabrych's first issue impressed me, but the description of this storyline doesn't. I expect I'll be dropping this series soon.

BATMAN ADVENTURES #14 - The Grey Ghost returns. Cool.

- I expect I'll pick up Rucka's book, but I'll wait to hear what the jury has to say on Azzarello's.

SUPERMAN/BATMAN #10 - The new Supergirl intrigues me, but I'm holding off on this one. What I've heard of the first arc hasn't been too good.

EMPIRE TP - Now there's a collection I never expected to see. I have issue #2, so I'll go back and look it over to decide whether I want the whole thing.

FIRESTORM #1 - Some people love Firestorm. I don't. Pass.

GREEN LANTERN/GREEN ARROW VOL. 1 TP - It's in the comic geek handbook that I'm required to buy this.

JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA: ANOTHER NAIL #1 - Was this really necessary?

JSA: ALL STARS TP - Issue #1 didn't impress me, but this is a decent deal.

RICHARD DRAGON #1 - I expect great results from this creative team, but this just ain't up my alley.

And the residuals: GOTHAM CENTRAL #19, THE FLASH #210, H-E-R-O #16, JSA #61, PLASTIC MAN #6.


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