Monday, March 15, 2004

"Gotham Central" Roll Call

Update (8/11/13): Realized tonight that the Roll Call page vanished when Geocities went under.  But I saved the Geocities data, and the page is back online (and now spoiler-friendly):

Gotham Central Roll Call

Gotham Central is one of the finest monthly comic books out there, nicely translating the cop genre onto the printed page. But despite the almost universally positive reviews, one complaint gets repeated constantly: this book needs a roll call. The classic Legion of Super-Heroes provided a monthly roll call to help readers distinguish between the numerous characters, and not only does [i]Gotham Central[/i] have a rotating cast of nearly two dozen, but they lack the four-color costumes that helped make the Legionnaires distinguishable. The result is that readers are regularly confused as to who the characters on the page are, and DC refuses to add a roll call of any sort to help.

Well, if DC won't help the readers of Gotham Central, I will. And so I give you your Gotham Central Roll Call (dead link).


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