Thursday, February 26, 2004

Snow Day Redux

So it appears that I was wrong in my "last snow day" observation. Not only is school cancelled today, but we have actual snow. Of course, I don't have class on Thursdays anyway, and now it's interfering with going to the office, so it looks like I'll have more clinic hours to make up for.

Still, I'm going to have fun with this day while it lasts.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

DC Comics in May

Courtesy of the Comics Continuum, the titles that pique my interest:

DETECTIVE COMICS #794 - Gabrych's first issue impressed me, but the description of this storyline doesn't. I expect I'll be dropping this series soon.

BATMAN ADVENTURES #14 - The Grey Ghost returns. Cool.

- I expect I'll pick up Rucka's book, but I'll wait to hear what the jury has to say on Azzarello's.

SUPERMAN/BATMAN #10 - The new Supergirl intrigues me, but I'm holding off on this one. What I've heard of the first arc hasn't been too good.

EMPIRE TP - Now there's a collection I never expected to see. I have issue #2, so I'll go back and look it over to decide whether I want the whole thing.

FIRESTORM #1 - Some people love Firestorm. I don't. Pass.

GREEN LANTERN/GREEN ARROW VOL. 1 TP - It's in the comic geek handbook that I'm required to buy this.

JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA: ANOTHER NAIL #1 - Was this really necessary?

JSA: ALL STARS TP - Issue #1 didn't impress me, but this is a decent deal.

RICHARD DRAGON #1 - I expect great results from this creative team, but this just ain't up my alley.

And the residuals: GOTHAM CENTRAL #19, THE FLASH #210, H-E-R-O #16, JSA #61, PLASTIC MAN #6.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Curtain Call

Our 8-show run of "Godspell" had its last performance on Saturday night, and it was arguably our best one. Perhaps it was our effort to compensate for our worst show the night before. But everything fell together perfectly, and I was finally satisfied with my own song.

Then on Sunday, we took the whole set down, so now we just have memories and photos to remember it by. That, and the cast party. I was warned that there is such a thing as post-show depression, and I definitely believe I have a touch of that. Ordinary life seems too dull and routine.

I've been asked how I managed to find time to fit theater into my school schedule, and I typically respond that available time is dependant on how well you want to do in class. My only regret is that I never took hold of opportunities like this before now.

Only the Lonely

It's 1 pm, and I've been alone at the office for about 3 hours now. I've read a lengthy case file on an aggravated assault that resulted in paralysis, but I'm at something of a loss in trying to create more work for myself. Granted, I showed up earlier than usual today, but there's normally *somebody* here by 1.

And since this isn't the first time this semester that something like this has happened, I suppose I'll need to start stating precisely when I'll be coming in.

Friday, February 06, 2004

Opening Night

Our opening show of "Godspell" was tonight, my first-ever theater gig. And it went really well. I could hear some nervousness in my voice during my solo, but everything else went well.

So that's one performance down, seven to go. We should be pretty darned polished by next Saturday.

Outkast cast out

"Hey Ya, Charlie Brown" is no more. The creators of the video received a cease & desist letter from United Features Syndicate, and rather than risk litigation, they took the video down. Some people have no sense of humor. I think I'll ask my copyright professor about this next week.

For perhaps the first time, I find myself regretting using Mozilla, because IE would have saved the clip. Bummer.

Sunday, February 01, 2004

A Night at the Opera

I attended my first opera, Verdi's La Traviata, last night at the UGA Performing Arts Center. I didn't really expect to enjoy it, but I figured that since I'll probably never get another chance to get a 4th row center seat for $8, I'd seize this opportunity. And I'm glad I did.

I really enjoyed it. The singers were excellent, as was the orchestra, and I recognized a couple of the pieces as well. Unfortunately, the supertitles did not work properly, so there was no translation of the lyrics. But I reminded myself that generations of opera-goers did without supertitles, so I should be able to do without them as well.

As an added bonus, the lead soprano was a far, far cry from the stereotypical "fat lady." She made that 4th row seat infinitely more enjoyable.

Scammers in the Slammer

Dutch Police Arrest 52 in E-Mail Scam

I can't help but wonder if among those 52 are my old friends, Mrs. Doris or Joseph Smith?