Friday, July 01, 2005

My Year in Comics (Thus Far)

It's July 1st, which is the perfect time to do my mid-year analysis of my comic buying habits. Starting in 2004, I've kept an Excel file of all my comic purchases. Last year I spent a total of $697 over the whole year on comics. At this point in 2004, I'd spent a little over $300.

This year, my comics budget has increased. Between January and June, I dropped $452.70 on comics, an average of $17.40 a week. The cover price of these books totalled $890, so on average, I'm getting a pretty good deal.

These purchases (exluding FCBD books) included 185 issues, 19 trade paperbacks, and five hardcovers. $196 of my total, or 43%, was spent on collected editions.

Purchases of new comics at my local store totalled $187, or about $7.20 a week. The most I spent on any single visit to the shop was $23 (which included a Fables tpb). I've spent $75 on eBay, my next biggest source.

On the back issue front, I've completed my long-lacking runs of Blaze of Glory, Code of Honor, Orion, Static, and Young Justice, as well as the Ty Templeton runs on Batman: Gotham Adventures and the last Batman Adventures series.

Best deal so far: the first three Cerebus phonebooks for $13.50 (though the binding on the first is poor).


At 10:34 PM, Blogger mkcoehoorn said...

From Melody (Chaffin) Coehoorn

The Star Wars comics I got from you a while back have found a new home. There is a kid at my father-in-law's church who is nuts about the movies (and upset that his parents won't let him see Ep 3 until he's older). So when we were looking to get rid of some stuff, I packed up all the comic books and several of my figurine type stuff and gave it to him. He's pretty responsible, for a 6 year old, so I know they are going to a good home.

At 2:22 PM, Blogger Loren said...

Good to hear. And I can understand why it might be best to keep a 6-year old away from RotS.

In fact, I still have a handful of other Star Wars comics that would be suitable for a kid that age. I'll try to remember to bring them this weekend.


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