Tuesday, October 21, 2003

The Annotated "Movies"

While crashing at Jim MacQuarrie's home this summer, I was introduced to a lot of new music, and surprisingly or not, our tastes in music seem to be at least somewhat similar. One song particularly grabbed my attention: "The Movies", by the Statler Brothers. I wasn't previously familiar with the group, but I later found out that my folks were, and that my best friend's parents owned their albums.

I managed to download a copy of the song online (as well as the similarly enjoyable "Whatever Happened to Randolph Scott?"), but the lyrics were hard to come by. Despite the plethora of lyrics sites on the internet, this little song seems to have been neglected. So I went the extra mile and not only posted the above lyrics page to my website, but I annotated the song as well, with lots of links to the Internet Movie Database. (Who knew that Thomas Edison had an IMdB entry?) Enjoy!


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