Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Three years ago, at the close of the UGA/Tennessee game at Sanford Stadium here in Athens, was the time I was most ashamed to be a UGA Bulldog. UGA had not defeated the Volunteers in several seasons, and when we broke that streak, hundreds of students took to the field (some even before the game ended), and tore down the goalposts. I found it to be highly classless, as well as wanton destruction of property.

But such goalpost destruction was not an isolated incident. Such behavior has become almost commonplace across the country. And so while it isn't surprising to see that a student was injured a couple of years back, it is offputting to see that said student is suing the goalpost manufacturer.

I could be mistaken, but I think most goalposts have warnings on them that state that persons should not hang on them. Is this plaintiff claiming that such warning wasn't enough, that a rational person wouldn't anticipate the danger of a goalpost falling on him? Or that it should have been made more difficult to pull down? Or perhaps that it should have been a break-a-way goalpost to accomodate vandalism?

I hope his lawyer is slapped with a sanction for filing a frivolous lawsuit. I can't believe the school is actually settling with him, when his client was engaged in destroying school property.


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