Friday, June 25, 2004

"Fillmore!" Cancelled

Fillmore! has apparently been given the axe by Disney.

This disappoints me greatly, as the show was one of my favorite cartoons currently on the air. The tone was unlike what you'll find on any other kids' cartoon show, as it was essentially a cop drama played out with junior high students. It also had possibly the best black leading character in a cartoon ever (not that there are a bevy to choose from). It was frequently funny, and it managed to be educational and moral-driven without being sappy like "Lilo and Stitch."

Even though my local ABC station relegated it to the 5 am Sunday death-slot in order to make room for two hours of Saturday morning news, it apparently did fairly well in the ratings nationwide. And when I did remember to tape the show, it was always the same handful of episodes I ended up with. Fortunately, I can take advantage of my sister's cable for the next couple of weeks, and compile a nice tape of episodes for posterity.

Several episodes have been thus far unaired in the US, but since one of them is airing this weekend, I have hopes that the others will surface soon. Plus, the official site also contains a Fillmore! comic book, and it sounds like future comics are a possibility, albeit a somewhat remote one. Since I'm still unemployed, perhaps I could convice Scott Gimple to let me author a Fillmore! young adults novel.


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