Saturday, June 12, 2004

Hypocrisy, or common sense?

Today's Atlanta Journal-Constitution contained a follow-up story regarding a pair of G-8 activists profiled last Sunday. It seems that they've been a little tight on cash, but had a plan to get their rent money:

"We were going to pay with the money we took in from posters and T-shirts and water." But nobody showed up to buy that stuff. "We ended up spending more on last-minute things than we took in," said Gasink, who says she lost her job as a paralegal because of her G-8 activism.

That's right, in an effort to recoup their losses from protesting capitalism, they turned to...capitalism. And not just any kind, but hawking t-shirts and selling a product that's available for virtually free when it comes from a faucet. I wish they'd succeeded. Hopefully that would have taught them a valuable lesson.

Oh, and speaking of exploitative capitalism...


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