Sunday, June 20, 2004

Comics in September

Let's see what Previews has in store for me this September. First, the definites:

Army of Darkness: Ashes 2 Ashes #3 (for my brother)
Flash #214 - $2.25
Gotham Central #23 - $2.50
HERO #20 - $2.50
JSA #65 - $2.50
Plastic Man #10 - $2.95
Pulse #5 - $2.25
(apparently down from $2.99; yay!)
Ultimate Spider-Man #65 - $2.25

And now the series which may or may not be on my pull list in three months:

Adventures of Superman #632 - This'll probably stay, but it's been two issues already, and not much has happened.
Superman #209 - Even less has happened here. The art *is* nice, but that's not worth $2.50 a month. This is the most likely casualty.
Captain America and the Falcon #7 - Priest is probably my favorite comic author, but the first three issues haven't done it for me, as was the case with "The Crew." But maybe a new artist will help things.
Ex Machina #4 - I'll have to read the first issue before I'll know for sure. But I expect this'll be a keeper.

Based on this, it looks like I'll probably be shelling out a little over $23 at the store. If I added another series, what should it be? "She-Hulk" continues getting good reviews, and its legal angle might be appealing (or aggravating).


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