Monday, April 05, 2004

Sesame Street: The Street We Live On

What a disappointment. I had really looked forward to this 35th anniversary special, and it ended up being little more than an ordinary episode with a few bits of nostalgia thrown in. The montage of scenes at the end was really good, and my jaw dropped at the sight of the "Mahna Mahna" sketch during the credits, but was it necessary to spend several minutes showing people eat cookies? Why did an anniversary special feature a generic Journey to Ernie sketch instead of, say, a look at the different adults who've lived on Sesame Street? And if they want to devote so much time to Elmo, couldn't they at least show the most significant Elmo clip ever, when he helped Big Bird show the rest of the Street that Snuffy was real?

An hour of prime time, and perhaps fifteen minutes was worthwhile. I really miss Jim Henson.


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