Monday, November 10, 2003

Sit Down, You're Rockin' the Vote

Rock the Vote promotes itself as a "non-partisan" organization devoted to motivating young people to vote. But how objective are they?

Let's see. On their web site, there's a front-page plug for the book "Thieves in High Places", complete with praise from Michael Moore, Ralph Nader, and Molly Ivins. The Dixie Chicks also have a front-page presence. And in their Voter FAQ, in response to a question about whether felons can vote, they refer the reader to this Human Rights Watch page, which argues strongly against denying felons their vote (the answer to the FAQ question is sandwiched in the middle of the sermon). And RtV leaders (one of whom is a former Democratic National Committee agent) admit to leaning left on certain issues, except even then they'll claim that the issue (e.g. gay marriage) isn't partisan at all.

Yep, they seem perfectly unbiased to me.


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