Saturday, November 08, 2003

Dragnet, DOA

ABC has cancelled L.A. Dragnet five episodes into the season, freeing up one more hour of my week. It wasn't a show I watched religiously, but I enjoyed what I saw. Ed O'Neill makes a great cop, and Eva Longoria was a lot easier on the eyes than Ethan Embry. I was somewhat disappointed that the show centered around homicide investigations, as that ground is pretty well-covered by other cop shows, and I think the old Dragnet addressed a broader spectrum of cases. I'm not crying over its loss, but it was a decent show amidst a season lineup of forgettable programming.

I've also begun to lose interest in Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Detective Goren hasn't been displaying the same Sherlockian genius lately that first drew me to the show, and with Alias, Malcolm in the Middle, and Arrested Development airing opposite it, CI falls to the bottom of my list.


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