Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Smallville - "Relic"

This week gives us a view back into a bit of Smallville's history, and Clark's history as well. In a huge departure from Post-Crisis continuity, Jor-El visited Earth in 1961 and came to...Smallville, Kansas. Why was he here? Mention is made that it was on the orders of *his* father (Seyg-El?), from whom "Joe" apparently inherited his notions of "destiny." It's certainly a different Jor-El than we have seen in the past, one who is fully in touch with his more human side, rather than distanced from it.

Much like last week, this episode is chock full of good moments. Jor-El's meeting with Hiram Kent. Clark's confrontation with Tate (the sheriff and now the mayor; this town's full of murderous officials). The revelation about Lex's grandparents, whose fate is eerily similar to Lex's parents, Post-Crisis. Could this be the big story Perry White had? But best of all was the moment of flight between "Joe" and Louise. When Clark is asked by his parents if he's had any more visions, he hesitates, then denies it. He's been given a glimpse of what's in store in his future, though, and we're sure to see some fallout from that.

My biggest complaint with the episode is the coincidences we're presented with. In the course of his visit in Smallville, Jor-El not only meets the Kents, but falls in love with a Lang and ends up at odds with a Luthor. I find the first to be a nice addition to the legend (it's not unlike the retcon from Starman #51), but the latter two aren't necessary to the story of Jor-El's visit. For instance, it's never stated why a Suicide Slum resident would travel all the way to Smallville to steal a purse.

I also can't imagine Dexter being convicted on such slim evidence (where's his motive?), but that could be chalked up to Tate's role in the prosecution. I do find it hard to believe, however, that he could go 42 years without being paroled.

Season three is hitting its stride. Let's hope it keeps it up.


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