Tuesday, May 04, 2004

"24" - 9pm to 10pm

When Chappelle died, I predicted that Jack wouldn't survive this season. After tonight, I've changed my mind: Tony is going to take the eternal celestial dirt-nap. He certainly can't return to CTU after what he's done, and simply having him lose is job is undramatic. Maybe he'll die a hero, maybe Saunders will simply have him killed in some fashion. But Tony is worm food. And Michelle's probably getting scarred, at the least. If only Tony had hung up on Saunders when he called the first time, or at least refused to visit the website. If only.

I am confident, though, that the series could continue on without Kiefer. He was onscreen for relatively little of tonight's episode, but it didn't suffer for a lack of him. Granted, his presence made for some darn good moments, and his absence would leave a void that would need to be filled by a new face, but it could work.

Also, with just a few weeks left, it's nice to see some of the season's dangling plotlines finally getting tied up. The Presidential debate, Milliken's death, Sherry's manipulations; all of these seemingly forgotten subplots are finally bearing fruit. Granted, I'll be surprised if we hear any more about Chase's baby or Anne's ex-husband's suicide, but those are minor compared to the ones cited above.


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