Wednesday, December 10, 2003

24: 7 pm - 8 pm

Let's start with the biggie: Gael was working with Tony, as part of an effort to get Jack back undercover with the Salizars. For starters, this alleviates my concern that CTU had *yet another* mole in their system. It makes some of Gael's behavior in this ep a little mysterious, but I trust they'll have an explanation for that coming up.

That last-minute revelation has another, bigger impact, though. Based on Tony's comment, and the fact that we saw Gael in touch with Hector before Jack went rogue, it means that this whole operation was set up *before* the dead body got dropped off at the season's start. There's a bigger story here that we're just now seeing the tip of.

It was also good to see Gael get caught so early in the episode. I was worried they would drag that subplot out longer, especially with Gael being put in charge (why not Chappelle?), but then they wrapped it all up in about 10 minutes.

For a guy who just got out of surgery, Tony got back on his feet awfully fast. They should have at least put him in a wheelchair.

In the last split-screen, we see Ann's ex putting a gun into his drawer. The notion that he's planning to ambush Ann isn't really a shocker. However, it will make me want to pull my hair out if Ann is headed to his place alone. That would be downright irrational for someone of her intelligence and in her position. I take hope in the fact that we didn't see what she did after the phone call, and the shot of her driving was such that it wouldn't reveal if anyone else is in the car, so for now I'm trusting that Ann did the smart thing, and is being accompanied by a Secret Service or US Marshal escort.

Here's a theory of mine. IIRC, they said the virus has a 14 hour incubation period before it becomes infectious. We have 17 hours left in the season. I think somebody's going to get infected in the next 3 hours, resulting in a fight against the clock before time runs out. And the most likely candidate to be infected? Jack.


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